2000 words before breakfast, that is all I am saying

 If you are looking for one of my lengthy pre-November rambles, I am sorry but those were practice. Now my limited creative prowess is being harnessed in the efforts to complete a novel.

I began the month by putting in 31 hours as a nurse over Monday and Tuesday, so no writing except a few pen to paper percolations of names and scenes during my clients rare naps, I successfully completed my first 2000 words before breakfast today. I have the last few things to finish at my old apartment and a rehearsal to attend, then a few more words and a resume to write before sleep. 

My goal is 10,000 words by midnight saturday.

This is the fun part.

To sleep perchance to dream

 Today started at 0315. Just got home. Word count day one is zero. Knew it was gonna happen and have planned for it.I am the turtle this year where always before the hare.

Tomorrow also starts at 0315 and I have to be cognizant throughout my nursing shift, so Good-Night!