Gotta Find my Corner of the sky…..

Music once memorized is just waiting for a chance to reawaken in my brain. Music from the original Pippin is back on rotation on the inner soundtrack, maybe not as catchy or memorable as other Schwartz compositions, it still makes great earworm.

I picked up the latest Broadway recording and am glad I heard the new arrangements sung first by the live cast at Phoenix Theater or my change avoiding brain might have dismissed it as unworthy.

Thanks to Sara R for wanting to attend the Phoenix Theater production as a birthday treat and Paul Stovall for nailing the vocals and choreography with such deliciousness, I can relish the revival as well as I did the original. I had a bit of a relationship with the Fosse run in ancient times and I have to say chipper little Anthony as Pippin never felt quite right, nor did a few of the sexy siren scenes played with all the Mormon chasteness possible with Fossiesque choreography. Still think the incest momma plays better with a more born again blonde look, but all in all this pop musical look at the eternal question of “to be or not to be” managed to make me hum through a very tough day yesterday, and wish I had the time and money for seconds.

Pippin is playing one more week at Phoenix Theater so if you have a chance, go see it!

Crowfae gives it:

“Pippen” as staged by Phoenix Theater gets a solid 7/10  Shepard Pies!  (This is a flagrant abuse of Oberon’s rating system, I am certain, (although it is quite quotable so Oberon would watch it per his own statements in “Hunted” by Kevin Hearne) there was neither sausage, bacon nor significant peril warranting  time away from belly rubs, hunting or naps.)

Ragnarock and Renewal

Spring officially arrived last week, I feel peacefully energized and again ever so slightly hopeful in between periods of paralyzing portents of doom.

This was my autumn mode in the cooler climes where winter meant cozying up inside my abode and baking, cleaning, reading and maybe mastering the latest game, be it actual or digital. It also meant “Holidays”, financial fluctuations, and coping with increased joint pain, and sun deficient depression. Spring was always a new beginning.

Now I live in Arizona, where life begins as earths hibernation begins. Winter draws us out of our domestic shells and into fervent nature worship. From the first night of autumn in which we are able to sleep with the windows even slightly open, to the first triple digit day, we sing our bodies electric and worship at the altars of Bragi, Nanna and Baldr.

Spring, in Arizona, is not Oestre’s promise of tomorrow’s play and plenty but the harbinger of Hel’s return, for  Hel spends summer with brother Loki burning our world both in flame and fever. My utility bills in the “old house” would triple over a thirty day period as fans and air-conditioning became life-saving necessities, one of the largest hardships of the Arizona summers is the cost of utilities.

I have no idea what my utilities will be this summer as I awoke for the first time in a new apartment this morning. Still in the process of moving, also a challenge for me (seriously challenged to the 11th power, I am “on the spectrum”, have serious PTSD issues around moving from early life periods of abandonment and homelessness, and have allowed myself again to become weak, stiff and overweight, and am barely living paycheck to paycheck).

My life travels in 7 year cycles and this past 7 has been in so many ways my own Ragnarock. Everyone gets their panties in such a twist when anyone talks about the end of the world, all panic and debate and prevention. Literature and predictions focus on the loss and disaster, yet every pantheon’s mythology of destruction ends with a rebirth. The end is never the end.

Our mythologists also seriously underwrite the renewal as well. Butterflies struggling from chrysalii and helplessly drying their wings have a lot in common with two humans emerging spared at the end from all the flame and flooding of Ragnarock to restart human history, or with my own renewal after periods of heavy loss and change.

I still have things to pack and clean, and of course I have to unpack and organize, and somewhere in there I need to pay my bills, nurture and heal my patient’s, complete my school work, play with my dogs, build and nurture new friendships while maintaining the ones that survived the latest rounds of upheaval. Oh, and laugh, it is very important in every period whether Ragnarock or Renewal, to laugh.

Well, because shit happens. If our minds and souls are being fed well, just as it does when our bodies are well fed, shit happens.

In fact as a nurse I can tell you if shit isn’t happening, then you (or me, or anyone) is in really serious trouble.

Namaste, now go laugh a bit and then practice some discipline and git her done!


It’s a Contest!

Prizes and all the nitty, gritty particulars will be forthcoming but here is the down and dirty! To enter this contest you must comment here or on my FB adding one author and which book by them you would have me read, under 500 pages, fiction or nonfiction, poetry, etc just no technical manuals. I am picking 12 I have not yet read, or do not remember. If I explain anymore now, it will make it less fun for all of you later. So go recommend!