And now for something completely different…..

If you have been to my blog before you will have read everything below the italics, and very possibly you are one of the reasons I keep getting up in the morning and fighting the good fight. If so, I sincerely thank you. If not, welcome. Just click on which part of my writing and life you are interested in in the titles on the right, then click on the lead in sentence to see the recipe, rambling or poetic rumination as written and formatted. Feel free to donate if you are in a position to help, but you are also helping me by listening to my musing. You are also helping me by helping any others. Compassion is not a competition. Doing good for anyone does a little bit of good for all. So even if it is just smiling at a grumpy driver at the stop light, or buying the coffee of the guy behind you, make someone’s day better and you have helped us both.


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Schrodinger's cat lives, magic is science, and compassion and integrity are the only necessary ingredients for happiness.