Summer soft, wakes you up with a kiss…

I love mornings,  all mornings, but summer mornings have special significance in Phoenix, Arizona, it is the one time of the day when I can step outside the door without bursting into flames or instantly becoming a small pile of dry ash. So it is a blessing that my dogs are faithful alarm clocks even when I forget to set a mechanical one.

Both dogs can comfortably go about 7.5 to 8.0 hours between bathroom trips, so if I am not stirring yet on my own they recognize a kiss is the perfect way to wake their sleeping princess.

This morning I walked them for about 15 minutes then in my SOFT pursuit, hit the pool. My training after six months of light duty pretty much consists of actually going (rebuild the habit) and pushing myself one length past the point where I think I want to stop. I also stay swimming for 30 minutes. Today my max without a rest was two laps, however this is my first time since coming back to actually do freestyle strokes with breathing and goggles on, and yes I did try to talk myself out of it at first, but that is why I set specific goals, so I can push through the resurfacing fears like putting my face in the water or bike riding.

Today’s goal is to also break my 10,000 steps.  You may not notice but here I went and placed my dead FitBit into its charger and changed the music.  I was listening to Stevie Wonder but now am on to Nat King Cole and Peggy Lee. Next on my morning playlist will be some Mantovani. That kind of morning, joyful and blessed.

So everyone’s favorite question when they learn I am a S.O.F.T. (Slow Old Fat TryAthlete) training fro an event and also a vegan is, “Where do you get your protein?”

My smartass reply is,”Same place you do, from plants; I just leave out the middle cow.”

But for those who are actually interested and not just threatened by my choices, here is a favorite breakfast (what I made this morning actually)

Blueberry Protein Porridge for 1

Place  a cup and a splash of cold coconut water or spring water into a sauce pan. (Coconut water adds Potassium, needed with all the sweating I do!)

Add a small handful of organic dried blueberries (or cranberries) into the water (thats why the extra splash of water), a pinch of Nutmeg, a pinch of cardamom, and a dash of salt. If your spice cabinet is not as eclectic as mine, cinnamon works too.

Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. (About 3 minutes on my stove at high)

Just before the boil rolls, turn the heat down to simmer and add a half cup of whole oats. I don’t recommend quick cook oats ever, the wholer the oat the better the nutrition and flavor, my favorite are steel cut but today all I had on hand are the organic flat cut from Trader Joe’s. Stir.

Cook till desired consistency but about 5 minutes. Spoon out into a bowl and add 3 T of raw hemp seed and a T of Organic Earth Balance Vegan Spread.

Nom, nom, nom.

High Protein, High fiber and with the “butter” it also has my Omega might increased! Now off to conquer the world!


Bows and flows of Angel Hair…

My little patient has an ear infection so today I had her in my arms almost all of the 10 hours I worked. I suctioned a lot, managed her feeds and did my two hour vitals checks but a whole lot of today was just reading books out loud; singing folk songs, Sesame Street tunes and a couple lullabies; and playing with puppets.  I have a pretty awesome job!

On the homefront I came through the door to a bouncy Yeager, that was a better surprise than if I had recieved my insurance check, which I didn’t, but he had a normal poop, licked his bowl clean and could barely stand still to get his leash attached. I have never been so happy to have my arm yanked from its socket as tonight with him bounding and pullling.  He has been too sick to chase a bird for weeks now, tonight he made up for it and I think tomorrow the dog park is in order for sure!

I have had a great if tough week.

I keep typing and erasing, typing and erasing, but the gist of it is that even as I face the overwhelming debt and physical fatigue, I know it will all turn out OK. Yes that will be easier since I do still have a roof over my head, but nothing truly important can be taken away from  me by poverty. I am a lucky and loved lady.


P.S. Feel free to comment here on my blog, feel free to share, and feel free to help; I hope I can inspire others the way many, Cancer Girl to name one, have inspired me. (Not that I have said anything of worth yet) and please let me know if you have any trouble with the “Donate” button, thank you for helping me to get my ends to consider residing in the same city at least, maybe by 2015 with no further major medical setbacks, I can actually get them to meet.

When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high

Although when it comes to dealing with life altering illnesses, maybe you should also build an ark. The thing about life altering illnesses in books and movies, is the heroine either dies or gets better. Cancer, AIDS, Mental Illnesses, rare immune disorders and even PTSD are all resolved as an inspiring victory or an inspiring tragedy.

Real life is more like a serial comedy that runs forever until cancelled, and just when you think you won’t ever sing that same old tune again, it goes into serialized reruns.

I think it would be easier for all the people that care about me if I was a movie instead of a sitcom, for the record, I think it might be easier for me, too.

I was hoping for some more miracle in the mail today in the form of my insurance settlement, but instead it was just more bills.

I tried wiggling my nose like Samantha, and all that happened was a really big kiss from my dog.

In the meantime a friend of mine is about to have a biopsy done, possibly facing a similar journey soon, hopefully her story arc will be a short story or Lifetime feel good victory; but even if it isn’t, she will not walk alone.




To Dream the Impossible Dream…

Yesterday I dreamed the impossible dream, that somehow I would be spared the indignity of eviction, so I just kept on keeping on, being the best me I could and trying to figure out a good place for my dog buddies, then the impossible happened.

The Biggest miracle of today is how many messages of love I have received from unexpected sources, believe me when I say how much it helps to feel the love pouring in through these messages.

I am also humbled by two donations and a loan. Especially since those couple who helped me today have significant responsibilities of their own they are dealing with, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am overwhelmed by the love.  And for those following, my puppies and I are spared eviction this month and I am also at the end of the largest copays and (hopefully) close to actually receiving the insurance check from the December accident, so things will continue to improve. And NicNac I now promise NOT to set my purse on the ground anymore.  Superstition or not, it can’t hurt!

Today I have another impossible Dream…..

My Impossible Dream is to meet all my financial obligations, give back in kind with interest once I am back in the black, and oh yeah get healthy enough to complete another Sprint Triathlon in 2014.

What do you dream of……

Where do I go from here



Yesterday’s frightening thing was posting on this blog that I need help, today’s frightening thing was leaving it up here. The irony is I don’t think anyone has even read it. And actually that can’t count as today’s facing a fear but with an hour travel each way and twelve hours with my patient and eight hours sleep, work doesn’t leave much time to broaden my personal horizons.

So, I integrated my daily challenge into my favorite thing, taking care of my patient.  During some tests she had this morning at Phoenix Children’s Hospital I risked feeling stupid and looking foolish and asked questions about what we were seeing. The Outcome is, I am much better informed.  At first the specialist was snooty. However, I think it was when she realized I wasn’t questioning her judgement, but clarifying the mother’s and I’s understanding, suddenly she warmed up to the situation and I have a handle not just on the new regimen but also on the paradigm on which it is based.

I do love my job!

So lots of changes at work but no headway on the homefront really.

All I need in the next 24 hours is a HUGE miracle.

The odds of that occurring are slim…….

so where do I go from here.

Love, exciting and new; Come Aboard, we’re expecting you….

So very much to write about, some of it exciting and new; some of it just the same struggles on a new day. I am remarkably calm and peaceful today, especially since I am 685$ and 48 hours away from homelessness and about that much overdrawn.  I am breathing in slowly, then out again, off and on as the shenpa of fear (more fear of others reactions and what will I do about my dogs) or shame (in order to feel safe themselves people are more than happy to point out how I could have prevented this, if I am to blame, they need not feel guilty or at risk; and I am kind of a control freak so I keep trying to blame myself too, because then I could guarantee it would never happen again) comes rolling back in to claim me.

There are choices I should have made sooner, and two or three bouts of irresponsibilty (not even $300 worth total) where I just wanted to medicate the situation with books. How I got here only matters if I can change things, and I have changed everything I can. I am grateful that today I have a roof, some food and significantly less pain and nausea thanks to getting seeded last night before coming home, an amazing type of acupressure.

My weekend was full of pleasant surprises. Friday night met I some new authors, found a fabulous place to eat next time I am flush, and did my daily good deed as well as a full 10 hour shift with the singularly most adorable little patient in the world. The gentleman I walked all over downtown Mesa with needs to learn pathetic is not the best door into a ladies heart or pants (and DEFINITELY NOT this ones), but he was having a very bad day and it was his birthday weekend, and hopefully the company improved it. Although I think the fact I made it clear I was absolutely not interested in a hook-up will probably limit any future one on one, I look forward to being his friend as part of this new Geek FB group I joined.

Saturday I was the back-up plan for a gentleman whose date I assume canceled because he had an extra ticket at the last minute. He is handsome, charming and intelligent and kind,  so probably won’t actually ask me out as a first choice, but I don’t care. I would gladly go on a real date with him, but even if I get to watch him find a better choice on the meetup site,  I think he may have his eye on a someone, I have no regrets or hard feelings.  That is the perfect kind of date or non-date, where the fun and company is the point. The night was an 11 on a 1-10 scale. Saw Carpenter’s “Thing” for the first time. Yes I screamed, and if he has any feeling left in his left arm and hand I will be surprised. LOL

Physically,  the thing in my tongue is much, much smaller. I am coughing only rarely and so excited to actually get to return to training again this month. Slowly, slowly……today is my release to activity as tolerated after the car accident. Six months can be such a long time. I immediately started planning my runs and swims and bikes in my head, I swear my PT heard the wheels turning. “One activity at a time should be added, and go slowly or you will make everything worse again” Booooo! Except Yeah! that means if I use some discipline and reason, I can be ready for Sprint events the end of 2014, and maybe a full one by the end of 2015.

I am taking the suggestion of others who have dealt with crippling medical debt and am trying to add a donate button to my Blog, starting an Etsy store for my crafts, called the insurance company twice already today, am picking up another patient offered to me, am spending much less on gas by always combining trips, not going out much, etc; sticking to my bare bones budget; so there really isn’t more I can do today to change things.

Do I wish things were different, yes, I do. I wish money would magically appear in my Desert Schools Account, I wish I would go an entire week without physical pain, or the flashes of panic and misinformation that pain and my PTSD trigger, I wish I was healthy and beautiful and rich and could not only pay my own bills but help so many other friends and strangers who are struggling. I wish I was in love and safely in a long term commiteed relationship so I didn’t have to feel like just letting someone in was doing them a disfavor. Wishing and hoping, though, are no more helpful than blame, anger or self pity. Today I choose to be grateful. I am grateful to be alive, and to have a place to live; to have my life full of wonderful friends, both those I know and have built history with and those not yet met; I am so lucky and so grateful and I know it ill all turn out right in the end, because if it’s not right, it’s not the end. Today, I am not in charge of the movie, just my own actions.


My 2014 Phoenix Comicon Recap, or some things confirmed and some new things revealed.


10. I still make a pretty good perfomer (panelist). As much as I was terrified before stepping on the stage, the combination of much preparation and the spotlight, switched on something I can’t yet tap any other way. The panel was almost at capacity and multiple strangers stopped me throughout the Con to complement me on Thursdays panel.

9. I am a HUGE fan of, and in awe of the pop culture icons who can meet and greet, autograph and photo-op for 3 days straight, do their real job of writing, acting, drawing, etc for a couple weeks and then do it all again, and still genuinely smile, smoulder and care about their audience. My hat is off to them, all of them.

8. I really do love comic books, if the art and the story speak to me. Found a series that although new to me, already has 4 graphic compilations, which means I can feast awhile before beginning that constant wait for the next issue.  If you haven’t read “Archer and Armstrong”, I cannot recommend it enough! It is as if the talents of Mike Grell, Stan Lee and Naom Chomsky got thrown into a molecular blender and the team of Van Lente, Henry and Milla were manifested on the transporter pad.

7. I love it all, but I really am a Trekkie, civilian scientist, avid reader, lego lover, puppet enthusiast, Browncoat and then DC Superhero fan in that order, and then everything else, with Star Wars, and older anime leading the “everything else” pack. The abundant programming and need to make choices clarified my pop culture value matrix.

6. Knitting is the absolute best way for me to cope with my social anxiety and panic attacks, being in costume and self medication (think teas or prescribed anti-anxiety meds, to yes, a beer if I am not working or driving) are also effective. I only had one real panic attack, and one bout of dizziness the whole four days!!!!!!!!!!!

5. I miss writing, but it is not yet a priority again, except maybe minding this blog a bit better.

4. I have a total fan-girl crush on a Barrowman, and its not the one who plays Captain Harkness. Not only are her books perfect read-aloud chapter books, equal in quality to Madeliene L’Engle’s “Wrinkle in Time”, but she is beautiful, intelligent, well spoken and funny. If I could go back in time and clone myself, I would attend her every panel!

3. Brains do it for me every time, and a gift with words doesn’t hurt!

2. As a member of the Phoenix Comicon Staff and as a nurse with MGA in my real job, I work with the best, and I do mean BEST people you can even imagine. Every interaction is just one more time for me to set my own goals and personal standards of courtesy, dedication and professionalism a little higher. I love my life!

1. I am one lucky lady.  Sometimes, as I try to deal with the economics of continued existence like making rent, buying gas, buying food, AND paying my tuition and medical copays, I get really, really discouraged. Sometimes I even get irresponsible. I actually just spent a total of 145$ at comicon between food, travel, photo-op and a couple books. It is $145 more than I should have spent, but I don’t actually regret it. When I see others spend freely, I get jealous of two income families, or people whose lives continuing aren’t forever dependent on large outlays of medical costs. I was feeling that stupid self pity just a bit. And then someone whose voice resonates so deeply with my heart died, and I suddenly remembered
that my precarious position in the universe is one of still living, still being heard, and still doing what I was meant to do to make a difference in the universe. I will miss your voice Mr. Jay Lake, and I am sure you were there yesterday listening, Hawaiian shirt and all. I only met you as a fan, as a reader who could not ingest enough of your unique prose, but I look forward to a time in the not too distant future when we can sit together and chat (unless of course I still just am just as tongue tied post-mortem as I as when you looked so warmly and quizzically at unspeaking me and signed my book.)

Namaste friends.