We Are Voyagers

WE KNOW THE WAY – Translations
We are voyagers
summoned by the mighty gods
of this mighty ocean to come
we take up the good challenge
get ready
We know the ways of the sea
we look to the stars and other signs
to find our way
to discover new lands
to make our home
oh! oh!
there is land up ahead
a bird in flight to take us there1
oh! oh!
this beautiful land
the place i was looking for
we will make our home.

My dog is boarding while I try and recover from my second root canal. My depression is kicking my butt so my house is at its worst. I feel like the pilot on a plane that has lost navigation and one of it’s engines and we are heading straight for the Rockies. Well maybe I exaggerate a little when I don’t feel well.

I really picked the wrong month to give up FaceBook.

I really am jonsing for my FB serotonin hits. So many things I want to tell the silent universe that fakes human connection but holds so tightly to the belief that every LIKE heart promises I am heard.

Also exactly the reason I gave it up for January. Time to actually build some real time connections with snail mail, real conversation, putting my phone down and leaving the safety of my room where as yet I don’t feel as home.

Any way, my word of 2020 is Transform.

To big a word to unwrap on a day like today. But here it is in digital black and white, the word the universe had gifted me, Transform.

Below I share another New Year’s Tradition (Shhhh, I know it’s the 4th, not the first. Procrastinating may or may not be one of the things I Transform.)

Annually, at minimum, I have employed a sort of musical tarot since the days of the first MP3 players.

And today’s listening (reading) had the cover of “We Know the Way”

My cross or conflict was “Some of My Best Friends are Preditors”

Not reassuring at all that my final outcome card is Ohio Express’s “Turn to Straw”

So now back to my regular scheduled programming of trying to clean my house, plan next week, and make way through a wobbly day without any falls.(Right!) Maybe I will watch Airplane right after I watch Moana.