These Boots Are Made for Walking

So I got my first grade and comments from fellow students in my Coursera Poetry. Here is the first draft of the poem.

All the Soles of Destiny

Skin against warm grass, mud squishings and

wiggled toe trenches in tide pulled sand.

Sensible second-hand saddle shoes constraining,

shaping toes and expectations, always more can’t than can. Then

Summer sneakers, pristine canvas for running feet

Swift escape, joyful jump; and proud, tall stand.

Sturdy soles, traction built for tumbling gravel, steep slick rocks,

 Waterproof, firm support; securely tied over thick wool socks.

More mud, more almost misses, more adventure. More always planned.

Narrow heels, with steel nail core, for swishing hips

Painfully pointed.  Patent black like coffee carried with tight smile lips

 Tip tapping, tip tapping their errand beat; there and back three city blocks.

Tanned inverted skin of sheep

 Stuffed full and pouring over with tired, swollen feet,

propped on metal supports between the wheels now in Lock

To only be traveling or trapped at the whim of another’s hand.

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