Counting down to Nanowrimo and pebbles in a pond.

 I did it. I am writing at 5:15 AM for 15 minutes before running off to my 15 hour patient day. I was kind of slow moving this morning because of having to lift a 115 pound patient yesterday as well as lots of bending and suctioning, and gloriously it is raining this morning. However that was of benefit as well. No long walk this morning, LOL. My decade+ old dog refuses to do anything more than pee and bolt back for the door when its is raining or over 100 degrees.  So here is one to the discipline I need to complete nanowrimo again. Then comes the rewrites on all three books since the last three years have been a trilogy of sorts, not linear but more like a triangle placed in of course that moment when the world is about to end.

Now to pebbles in a pond. I am still to wrapped up in the actual magic of the whole event to write well about it. I am holding it close to my chest like my ongoing faith in Santa Claus, just enjoying the joy of it. I was anything but happy that I had been called to go to this patients house. He is really too big for me to handle safely and so when he contracts and coughs it takes all the strength and dexterity I have to suction his trach clean again. However, I believe nothing ever happens by chance and this was true here as well. This patients life is small, filled with love but due to medical constraints and developmental disabilities limited in scope. I grabbed James Owens "Here There be Dragons" and threw it into my nurse bag yesterday because when I go to this patient,  I usually turn off the TV and read aloud (honestly I do this everywhere I can get away with it because books trump TV in my world). Where usually this patient falls asleep within 10 minutes of me beginning to read, yesterday he was entranced. Every time I would stop reading to do care, whether feeding, suctioning, etc, he would begin emphatically shaking his head no until I began reading again. When I would read he would just lay there and listen and smile. Now I know it wasn’t my reading cause i have read him Twain, Stevenson and Lewis; it was the story and the way it was being told.

Unfortunately, I had to leave at the end of my ten hour shift with John and Jack and Charles and Artus and their company in the greatest of peril. So I decided to use my Borders giftcard to get him the book on CD and drop it off  later this week. And I was very reassured to know that it was no happenstance that I was the nurse yesterday but had through Owen’s talents made a real difference in his happy quotient.

Then to make the story even more magical, I had sent a letter of thanks to James Owen last night telling him how lovely it was to share his transportive magic with my patient, he wrote me back that he is sending the CD’s for me to deliver. I cried a little, then almost said no since it was not at all why I wrote. But maybe he is also feeling some of the heart swelling joy of making someone truly happy and it is n’t my right to be selfish so I sent him my address, because yesterday was physically hard, skill challenging, and yet a fabulously spiritually fulfilling day.

Life is magic and life is good and yes, there is a Santa Claus and he lives in every one of us.

Now off to work.

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