Drink in the possibilities….

Thirsting for knowledge
thirsting for inspiration
thirsting for love…… intense needs are often expressed as a thirst. Even the sound of the word in my mouth makes me reach for my Brita pitcher and a glass.

Thirst is such a powerful metaphors because our bodies need water more than food. Humans are 70% water. This is not really news to anyone living in the civilized dessert metropolis of Phoenix. Dehydration is a common cause of our daytime fatigue. With triple digit autumn temps this year, our cells are promoting the cause of clean water. And if our bodies messages are not enough, all the competing voices trying to sell their bottle or filtration device as THE one best answer for combating thirst remind us that we need water, clean water, and we want water that tastes good and is free of bacteria and poisons. All these billboards and television commercials and popup ads need also be a reminder that we are the lucky ones. More children, millions of them, die every day from lack of clean water than from disease or accidents combined.

As an American citizen clean water has been mistaken by me at times as a given, or a right. I am not alone in that mistake. Our marriage to resources abundance has made us complacent as a society and clean water has become the spouse we take for granted instead of cherish and protect. 

The official sites offer a plethora of political, donation and just do it opportunities. If you are interested in joining the Blue revolution just Google and begin, and in the meantime I offer up the five things I am doing in my daily life to help.

I turn off the shower while I soap and condition.
I water my plants with the used water in the dog dish and bottoms of portable water bottles.
I use a filtered pitcher and reusable glass containers for cold portable water (used to be POM and now its the Monkey drinks)
I only do full loads of laundry
I pick up my trash, minimize my driving and buy organic.

What are you doing to keep the rivers running clean and protect our most important resource?

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