The real me….

 So I have a dozen filled or partially filled blank books, a half dozen other Blogs, although two are linked to social networks so don’t really count as Blogs, so why start another one? Excellent question, other self, let see if I, the authentic self can answer that for you. 

Why do we blog at all? Why do we journal? Is it because we are all so busy "communicating" with the plethora of instant electronic devices that we can no longer hear ourselves or anyone else and therefore find a Blog the only way to speak out truths? Is it a need to speak or a need to be heard. If it is the latter then Blogs are not the right approach. As of right now, we (the Ego, the Observer and the Authentic Self) are out only readers.

If it is the former, then maybe the answer to the question is similar to the answer to "why do we need mirrors?" I Blog to see myself from the outside, as others see me, and then adjust the necklines and comb the hair to bring that written image closer to the one inside my head.

So OK, I blog to produce a verbal mirror of my Ego so that Observer can adjust it to more closely overlay with Authentic Self, so why a new Blog.
I guess because the other blogs, like so many of my rediscovered half done knitting projects, lurk here in my cyber attic missing pattern and with clearly dropped stitches. It is easier in anything to start over than recover and repair a past whose threads are tangled and original inspiration lost.

And so I begin…

3 thoughts on “The real me….”

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    I have other blogs which are very much alive, and they serve various purposes, e.g. poetry publication, teaching things I’ve learned, showcasing members of a writers’ group I run….

    LJ, where I use a pseudonym (even though many of my friends here know my identity) is somehow a sanctuary, a place for more personal writings — though I also post some of the other blog posts here too if they seem to fit. I joined LJ to read the journal of one friend who doesn’t blog anywhere else, and gradually acquired a number of sweet, talented, additional friends who are precious to me now.