Change is good, but I could use some big bills now…

 Missing my Friday morning routine today. Friday is almost always a day off for me because of the veeeeerrrry long shifts I get longer week-ends (even when they come in the middle of the week). My Fridays usually involved coffee and breakfast at Wildflower bread company, book browsing at Changing Hands, then new music from Hoodlums, groceries from Trader Joes which usually included some tempura vegetable rolls or a greek salad for lunch, then home to eat, listen, and read. And now it is cooler it began and ended with a walk.


So todays plan includes unpacking, cleaning, organizing and writing. yea for writing! 

Moving and change discombobulate me and I truly miss Tempe. That corner of Guadalupe and McLintock is kind of heaven to me, on the other hand nothing fuels writing like roiling feelings, so off to Nanowrimo write again.

My characters are trying to take the plot into their own hands again, but what can you expect from talking dogs, over-medicated women and a robot built to look like Marvin.

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