Alone again Naturally…

 Okay who actually sang that song, I remember all the words. It could be my theme song.

I know I can look it up with a few key strokes on the internet, but I would rather mull it over for awhile, listen to the song in my head or pull it from memory. Ah, there it is, tucked away with all those other 1970’s memories I have been dusting off and sifting through; it was an Irish singer Gilbert O’Sullivan.

Anyway, been singing it in my head all night while I went to swim, alone. First lap was done with my kick-board but face in water and no break at half lap!


I finished my swim class homework. Going again in the morning so just up long enough for the neighborhood teen-agers to stop setting off firecrackers (which set off my dogs).

All quiet on the Western Front so I am off to grab some shut eye and flop to early morning practices and 5K walks again tomorrow.

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