A fast note

Working on a real blog but the Haboobs last night meant not having internet when I had the time to edit the blog, and pretty much staying off my laptop as well. Did get a double rainbow during the storm, much better than a blog I think. Even shot a pic from my phone and shared it over on Facebook.

I am still training. ¬†Managed two laps in the pool yesterday (my first and last laps) the rest were lengths with breaks adding to a total of 16 lengths or 350 meters. This morning was more walk than run, proving as slow as I am I really do run faster than I walk. Have been having lumbar and knee pain last couple days so walking was more prudent. Some pain is meant to be worked through…

Anyway it is a great morning. Started at 4 with meditation, then yoga for 20 minutes, then the dogs and my walk, now it is off to work….vacation officially over.

Side note, this morning was literally swarmed by mosquitoes while walking. NEVER seen so many at one time. Almost went home, but it is not about the little adversities that life throws our ways, it is about how we face them. My calves, upper back and upper arms are just a bit itchy….still I finished my thirty minutes.

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