My computer went to the brink of death
And came back funtional
But a clean slate.
Gone was all the data
Useful and otherwise

This technical resurrection
required I reboot my Ipod, it did not recognize the computer as mine
and could not agree to also regenterate itself unless it, too, was a tabula rasa
These older generations do not have the ability to regenerate
and communicate that the younger Ipods do.
30 Gigabytes of empty memory now sit in my palm
where once my musical library hid
The white dead thing no longer
crooning my favorites, lulling me in each activity with perfectly selected playlists
waiting to sneak and resurrect some small snippet of melodiuos genius
some forgotten or neglected track
with its almighty “shuffle songs”.

I must now decide which of the 3215 songs I had on there before
I will choose to reload
and in what order.

Where to start,
And what matters most
are always the hardest questions.

I try and visualize later today
Anticipate the needed soundtrack, who will I be then

I reach to touch the future
and fail.

Grabbing instead a random handful of plastic cases
And starting here at the letter “F”
I listen, humming along. adding some pieces I didn’t before, leaving off others I added and mostly ignored
choosing to ignore those added and played too often in homage to some wound
or soul deep sore;
humming and tapping my feet
Rebuilding my tower of bass notes pilons and guitar riff bricks
into a new tonal refuge
In my digital game of  spiritual Lego’s.


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