Does absence makes the heart grow fonder …oooooh, shiny things.

Welcome to Crowfae’s Rookery, if it is your first time, meander a bit among the headings and old entries, but excuse the dust,  I am still under construction and have been neglecting my upkeep a bit. If you are a returning guest, thank-you for coming and accept my apology for not returning home sooner. Some say absence makes the heart grow fonder, I think that is not always so, actually too much absence makes an audience wander.

Seems I have allowed my blog to become a low priority by action, however important it might be to me in theory. Perhaps today, I have only an audience of one; you, the individual currently reading this blog. May I state that if I make one person (you) laugh out-loud, think a little bit more before acting, or feel more loved or loving today that is more than enough to justify the time spent in my digital rookery, but it wasn’t the point I professed or my original commitment.

Funny isn’t it,  how often the goals and aspirations we as a species, political group, faith path, profession or even an individual espouse diverge (if not outright conflict) with the actual actions and tasks we perform.

So where is today’s Blog or this website for that matter leading? And, why follow?

First may I insert that I would hope less for followers than participants, but then add I am about watering my own grass not envying or stealing another’s because its greener; I am about leaving the world a bit better each day; I am about exploring new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilization, boldly going where no human has gone before….

So what I choose to present is an ever expanding map and travelogue and hopefully in time again a dialogue with others of our adventures in becoming  physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually fit members of the human race.

I am not so much leading as myself following the maps of other wanderers with an occasional moment or two of trail blazing, since not even the newest tech savy guidance system (as anyone who has found themselves hopelessly lost at the mercy of their Garmin can attest) is always accurate, and then sharing the success of these ventures.

We are what we consume, and our lives are the results of how we have spent our time. The greatest advantage and greatest danger of living in this the modern world is the availability  and constant marketing of things, ideas and activities. I  become so caught up in the pleasure principals of fast, easy and immediate gratification that an entire 24 hours and perhaps a considerable piece of income has been spent and I have nothing to show for it but the desire for more. Other times I remember the why’s and what’s of my souls true desires and consume by mouth and mind, ear and eye, those things that leave me full and satisfied; I spend my time in ways that leave my emotional, spiritual and fiancial accounts balanced and sleep soundly snuggled in my abundance.

Please do not misunderstand, I do not aspire to a black and white life of somber discipline of never’s, sin and shouldn’t’s nor will much of the writing on this sight be made of the previous high-minded stuff. Ethical and healthy is brightly colored, incredibly diverse, terribly tasty, and fabulously fun.

Pleasure is the never full cup that make my thirst increase, the happiness I seek and frequently find is the natural spring bubbling up that regardless of the presence or absence of cup or other circumstance cools my aridity. That is my journey, I want to be that spring and source, this morning at least I drink at it.

Today I have been given another full days credit of gratitude to spend and the fabulous vehicle of life to ride forth in, and I look forward to hearing from you.

What have you got in your wallet?



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