The Red Shoes

The best year EVAR (not a misspelling but a Geektastic superlative) continues with todays shopping trip to GoodWill with my DIL.  I brought home very lightly used awesomeness. First are some new shoes (Red Maryjane Skims, retail stores have them currently on sale for 50$, regular price 99$), a pair of straight leg jeans (Macy’s carries this jean for 60$, same pair on sale for 39.99$) and four tops rock. The Ann Taylor is  only available at in other colors but retails there for 48$ and the silk kimono style from Lane Bryant is exquisite although not currently available so have to estimate by other similar tops on sale that it started at 99$ and clearance between 49$ to 69$. Then there is a comfortable cotton striped boat neck tee and a teal flowered tee that both are originally form Kohls so could have found them as low as 20$ each.

And what did I pay in total for this exciting wardrobe makeover? $35! And that even included a small donation>

Yep. I will try to add pictures later.

Oh and my hair was styled today by the Hair Ninja.

So I should be rockin’ it pretty this week-end at Phoenix Comicon.  At least the Thursday and Sunday portions (I work the other two days.)

As I said, best year EVAR continues!