Panelists needed……feel free to suggest someone or volunteer!

Today My energy IS Focused

Yea, I am trying to put together a panel for May’s Phoenix Comicon, with this title and description,

“GMO’s: The Key to Ending World Hunger or a Profit Driven End to Personal Well Being?”
“The future of Genetically Modified Organisms, specifically as they effect American food sources, is the latest war of words between big business and the social watchdogs. Open-source GMO’s versus secrecy surrounding patents; and legally mandated labeling are the battlegrounds. Both sides claim sustainability as their ideal, and both sides are using all the emotional tools our media soaked society have available. So what is the truth? So come learn the science behind the hype as panelists look at the question of what a GMO actually is, what their ramifications are, the question of secrecy as a necessary tool or hindrance to science, and what labeling or its lack means to the consumers.”

Also putting together a less factual, but potentially more fun(?) panel that will postulate which current science research might be most useful in beginning the ever popular Zombie Apocalypse.

All I can say at this moment is finding speakers is a challenge and especially since I could spend every moment I’m awake reading articles at Science 2.0. instead of cold calling prospects.

I hope this year’s  science track panels will help awaken the nascent science interest (beyond the horror and the fiction) in at least a few adolescent or adult geeks.

The third panel I will actually be on and for which I am also seeking more panelists, like maybe a nutritionist and  a chef or two, is entitled “Molecular Gastronomy: The Science of 5 Star Cooking.”