Good Night Roundup of Day Two or How I Played “Bake Shop Drop,” Got Remembered by He Who Shall Remain Nameless and fell back in Love with @wilw

Today was, how shall I say it, AWESOME!

To play it in rewind, I just returned to the hotel room after eating dinner at the Tilted Kilt and listening to Phoenix Firefighters Pipe and Drum Corps. The Kiltlifter is great with the garlic fries. Sadly all my first, second and third choices off the menu were out by the time we hit the restaurant at 10 pm. I had a salad in Balsamic and fries. It was vegan and tasty, and well, men in kilts wiped down tables all around us.

We got to the restaurant so late because we were at “Wil Wheaton’s Awesome Hour” in which we learned to wash our hands before as well as after using the restroom if capscaisin(? sp) is involved to avoid wasting good milk; that the women in Wil’s life are patient; nerd is not genetic and most importantly, that Wil can deliver more than an hour of the best stand of comedy time, after time, after time. It was also just before this event that I learned for the second time today that Phoenix Comicon is growing bigger with some pains to show for it but leadership whose own improv skills keep everyone happy and satisfied.

The premier of the “REAL” Star Trek reboot was incredible and if the series premiere is any indicator, I will be thoroughly addicted. It has distilled the essence of the original series and delivers it in a dashingly original ode to all things Roddenberry/Shatner/Nimoy/etc.

Nichelle Nichols (or Grace as her family knew her) is beautiful, charming, intelligent and able to make her significant hearing loss a part of her charming schtick. And boy can she still sing.

My morning was all about the work portion of my being here and few things can make a convention as fun as actually being of use to someone. I was. Even cleaning the trash off the floors of rooms between panels was enjoyable (yes, someone has to do it, cuz the participants seem to believe we have already perfected the trash eating carpet.) It was during my useful part of the day that I might the three charming young men who designed “Bake Shop Drop”, my new favorite app to addictively make sweets disappear without gaining a pound. Can’t wait for their new word find app or their next game which promises to do for number play what “Bake Shop Drop” does for donuts.  Go try their app, it is on FaceBook and phones and fun.

That is about all of my second day I can remember at the moment, it is well into day three and tomorrow is my day to play. I will finally meet John Scalzi Author of online blog “Whatever” as well as my 2012 favorite scifi novel “Redshirts”; and maybe meet Jewel Staite. So time to sleep and dream of tomorrow. Hope others time at con was better narrated and at least as enjoyable.

Namaste my Geek Friends!

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