A Dream is a wish your heart makes

Once upon a time……

There was an intelligent and reasonably attractive plump little grandmother with life altering chronic illness (she never liked the word “terminal”, after all everything ends and she did not love redundancy just prodigious verbiage) who lived with a roommate and their dogs.

Wolves prowled at the door constantly but so far they had been kept at bay enough to keep a roof over her head; faith and good nutrition were the only answers still available (not one to do something medical just to be doing something) at this point for her issues but she still was functional so she didn’t mind.

A Prince had recently been hanging around her cottage and she was enjoying the company and attention, and well she loved her life even with the wolves and owing all the villagers.

However, she did not want her story to end, and knowing that what keeps a story going is the next great adventure, the grandma sat down to plan hers.

First she opened her “20 Wishes” book……

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