A little town full of little people….Once Upon a Time Continues

The not-at-all a princess heroine of her own story slowly turned the pages of her 20 Wishes Book and realized how many of her old dreams had now come true.

There were pictures of nurses (she was a nurse now and loved her job), pictures of Africa (been there and seen the Rift Crow), the picture of a Toyota Corolla and a Prism was sitting outside, (really ought to change the Beige Pearls name to the Silver Pearl, the 14 yo Prisms paint had faded that much), even her goal of completing a Triathlon had been accomplished. Time had passed and in 15 years she had fit in another lifetime, it was time for some new goals for sure.

Pictures of Hiking and Sailing were the goals not yet finished, she would keep these.

And very ironically all her prayers of a Cary Grant moment for a very dear friend of hers had translated into a Prince of a man in her life that might make her abandoned dream of growing old with someone a possibility.

Then there was her lifetime goal of becoming truly compassionate. Hard to face that she, like Belle at the beginning of Beauty and the Beast, held some judgement and contempt for those who read less, thought less, had traveled less, etc. But then as she had become less focused on improving herself it had become easier and easier to blame, complain and judge. Not that being Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer was her natural state.

So that would be her first wish in her book….

“I wish I could again focus on compassion for all life and if I am unhappy reflect on my personal growth”

Now what would that look like. She grabbed her magazines and started to flip the pages……