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My week begins….

0400 I am up and stretching, then thirty minutes of meditation followed by a good walk/run with Cozi again. Figured out it was my satellite connection messing with my distance and speed on the Edomondo so will get a better sense of where I actually am on time and distance tomorrow morning when Cozi and I go jog.

0500Today I had more stamina than my golden. He is a SOFT (slow, old, fat triathlete)  canine just like his Mom, although he is even less coordinated on a bicycle than I am. He is currently laying sprawled on his back panting and grinning at me. Like most attractive blonds of his ilk he know that if he plays cute long enough,  he will get what he wants, in his case what he really wants is a belly rub.

0545 Had an 8oz glass of Dynamo Juice with my multivitamin and a lovely cup of hot coffee. French press is my current favorite method. When it gets cool again I will be all over the cowboy coffee again and on days of leisure it is all about the esspresso machine. I am out of protein powder at the moment so I guess its instant oatmeal this morning. Have I mentioned I actually LOVE oatmeal, Teff porridge is real good too.* Note to self, buy more teff.

I am currently balancing my checkbook which wobbles like me on a bike, but I am grateful to have a roof over my head (money set aside for rent), electricity to cook, cool and clean with (more money set aside for M-power), internet access (Ah, Cox –you are so aptly named), someone to carry away the trash (Allied payment cleared), indoor plumbing (Johnson Utilities) and my wonderful sons (Amazon charge cleared, must check to see if it has arrived yet) and that I had the chance to study and go to college (student loans payed)……grateful also for food and a car that runs and will do both sparingly this week.

0615 Roommate up and peeking out of the room to see if I have left yet. Nope, nut it is time to get going and make my lunch and iron my uniform. I leave the house at 7 because my patient’s house is a ways away from mine.

Before I go I need to celebrate a bit that I swam 300 meters yesterday – mind you in 25 meter lengths, with pauses between but all of it face in water and working on stroke and form. Next challenge is to make it one full lap with just a turn and no pause. Also need to work on breathing to my left as well as my right.

Continuing to train throughout the next fifteen days will be a challenge. My life is filled to the brim with work as I prepare to take a week off for my birthday. I look forward to seeing how I mange it all.

Have a lovely day and surprise yourself today. Do something unexpected and kind, smile at everyone, and pet a puppy or two, maybe even rub a belly.