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Identifying responsibility vs. blame

Three things I am working as hard to lose as the flab on my body is the tendency to blame, complain, and procrastinate.

The exercises I am using are meditation, gratitude and lists.

After a period of clearing the mind of its consistent chatter, I pick something that is bothering me and identify where my responsibility lies in it, what I can actually change. I have been doing this for awhile and just like running, swimming or riding a bike it is getting easier, more natural to do on the fly so to speak.

November is my annual gratitude month, my way of celebrating Thanksgiving. Was kinda psyched to see a favorite author Scalzi doing it (much more public and better written than my bedside one) and challenge you to check out http://whatever.scalzi.com/  and follow his gratitude. I loved the one about why he is grateful he doesn’t drink and the one about A/C, well, that makes my gratitude list a lot, living as I do in AZ. Most important two words in the English language are ” thank-you!”

As for procrastinating, I will write about that tomorrow…don’t want to be late for work. *grin*

Doing something I am actually good at…

 Yup, today I am practicing my truest gift. The gift I excel at above writing, or talking, or even baking. All this training for athletics has left my self-confidence shaken. I needed to try something tonight in which I am the master.  I needed to completely succeed.

And succeed I have. Tonight I am practicing procrastination, have had this blog space open for over an hour while I checked the Rowling update site (yup, I am a Potter fan), read all the new posts on the "Fans of Noank" facebook page, played a couple moves in Lexulous and now it is to late to blog about a rather uneventful day in my ongoing triathlete training. It is time to do my evening stretches and go to bed.

So this is all the blog you get tonight, cause sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes tired is just tired, and that is what I am hoping to learn tomorrow morning is that my lowered exercise stamina has more to do with my sleep times than my low H&H, Hey I have had spinach and arugula today as well as beans just in case its the latter.
Its so rewarding to be this good at something.