More Invisible than usual, sorry but real blog tomorrow

I am moved. The boxes are filling up the living room like the veggie Chipolte burrito is filling my tummy. Son and wife brought them over for dinner. They IS Yummy, (The burritoes not the boxes or my son and DIL, I did not eat them).

I did not write the last two mornings for any real amount of time. No internet and no energy. All spent on the move. Still need to clean the old apartment and still need to unpack and organize but the actual move is completed.

Kind of like writing a nanovel, this packing everything up and moving, gotta stick to the basics, keep the goal in mind the whole time, no side tracking into reading the books or polishing the geegaws….

Tomorrow begins the finessing, which is what the other 11 months are about for a nanowriters nanovels.


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