Writer’s Block: Expand on this

The line between absorbing fun and addiction is integrity. There are three ways to tell if something is a recreational choice/ habit or if it has become an addiction.

The first is: Are you telling any lies especially to those you love about where, when, how much, how often you participate in this recreation? If not, no matter what the answers, probably not an addiction. Likewise, no matter how minimal the time spent, if you are lying about this activity then the behavior pattern is addictive.

The second is: Have you missed work, school or important family activities to do this activity? Are you frequently late or unprepared at work, school or home do to prolonging your participation in this activity?" If  the answer is yes then the behavior is addictive and warping your priorities.

The third is: Are you taking long term risks with your health to continue this activity even after becoming aware that your health and performance is suffering? In gaming this could mean frequent all-nighters, pounding "monster" drinks to stay awake all night then driving a motor vehicle for instance…

If one of these is yes. Try just taking a break from the activity and see if you can. If you can’t then yes, it is an addiction and time to cold turkey it till you can just approach it as a game.

If two of these are yes, put the game controller down now or step away from the computer. Get in touch with what you are running away from and get a life again, then maybe you can play again.

If three of these are yes. Get help.

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