Writer’s Block: Almost like a song

Curious, Intelligent, Chivalrous, Droll, Spiritual

Curious (Let learning new things and seeing new places be an ultimate turn on)

Intelligent  (Innate aptitude is only a part of this, it also means someone who chooses to learn from each experience)

Responsible (Someone who takes responsibility for their personal physical health and hygiene, financial affairs, and the big things like ecology and peace as well)

Chivalrous (marked by honour, generosity and courtesy)

Droll (having a humorous, whimsical, or odd quality)

Spiritual (seeker and practicioner of any form of enlightenement secure enough in thier own journey to support my path without them necessarily being the same)

Listed in no particular order as All attributes are equally weighted, and it is more my personal goal to be that person than it is my goal to meet that person but this was a good exercise as I am fleshing out my "Hero" in my current novel-under-construction.

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