Something is better than nothing.

 And just like in any good book just when you think there is hope on the horizon, it gets worse. (Which, coincidentally, is exactly what happened to our heroes right after the Tummeler quote I used last time) And this is the part where our heroine loses her hope (but not her determination)

So here is our new homework assignment

2 Lap Kick Board warm up, focus on breathing and consistently moving.

4 Laps free style with no, or minimal (30 seconds or less) break
1 Lap Kickboard
3 Laps free style
1 Lap Kickboard
2 Laps free style
1 lap Kickboard
1 Lap free style

Cool down
2 laps with kickboard focusing on breathing. It will be little extra hard here because you will be tired. Thats ok, try to push through it.

(Yup. Today it looks impossible, but That’s my homework. And on top of that I have a new lumpy lymph node(?) in my groin right where my swimsuit fits (It is the size of a walnut and it HURTS! )

This more advanced homework, I suppose, is because now we have two new people in the class who already actually swim, one of whom is training for the same triathlon I am, only she isn’t new to it.  So now the new girls set an even higher  bar than my Daughter-in-law did and I totally wear the dunce cap. 

You know, last week when I was struggling to keep up my morale but pushing through the homework every night and at least feeling like I accomplished something, I don’t feel that tonight. 

Tonight completion was impossible in the time I had available. It was taking me 45 minutes to an hour to do the old homework and was very winded and exhausted when I was done.

So, I did what I could.
My success was doing ALLLLLL (OK only 4) full laps with the kickboard with my face in water and practicing breathing. Tonight I did finish last weeks homework…2 kickboard then 3 freestyle laps with very little break 2 kickboard and 2 more freestyle laps. Then time was up. Home to sleep to work tomorrow. Sunday night and next week in the mornings I will stay till its done. 
My morale may be in the toilet, but my determination is intact.
So, do you know the difference between stubborn and fortitude?
Whether you agree with what I am doing.
Let’s just say it ain’t over yet.
Tonight I feel slow, fat and old but very, very stubborn.