Happy Thanksgiving

I am all the way back to Dec 2007 in the pulling old poetry off  MySpace in preparation for cancelling the account. Glad tonight I haven’t yet. Having kind of a hard day/week/month/lifetime, or so I felt this evening as I went to bed. Had an incredibly hard time finishing my 10 gratitude items. Couldn’t sleep, so got back up and decided to recover some poetry as long as I was awake, since one of my current goals is for MySpace presence to be gone January of 2012. Anyone who really knows me knows that me being awake/ up after midnight is far from usual.

It was also apparently just what I needed to turn this wee pity party around and make a smile of my frown.

It was great to reread a few blogs from 2008 and 2009, a lot happened I didn’t expect. A lot I was told would happen didn’t happen either. Normal for everyone, I guess, but due to my proximity sometimes my problems seem big.  I come away from reliving those two years of my past in my “just brushing the surface” blogs and I am truly, truly grateful for my life today, ALL of it. So easy to forget how blessed I am, how much magic surrounds me and how the best things happen when I have faith.






Everything is gonna be Ok. I just gotta keep showing up and doing my best.

And believe.


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