Today focus on your out breath

This post is really about nothing. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Sit comfortably. Take a cleansing breath, close your eyes and ground.  Each time your mind comes up with  a new topic, acknowledge its process but go back to just focusing on your breath. When the time goes off, go back to frantic thinking, planning, scheming and general activity (or non-activity since you are probably on your computer like me right now)

Thank-you. That is all.

Identifying responsibility vs. blame

Three things I am working as hard to lose as the flab on my body is the tendency to blame, complain, and procrastinate.

The exercises I am using are meditation, gratitude and lists.

After a period of clearing the mind of its consistent chatter, I pick something that is bothering me and identify where my responsibility lies in it, what I can actually change. I have been doing this for awhile and just like running, swimming or riding a bike it is getting easier, more natural to do on the fly so to speak.

November is my annual gratitude month, my way of celebrating Thanksgiving. Was kinda psyched to see a favorite author Scalzi doing it (much more public and better written than my bedside one) and challenge you to check out  and follow his gratitude. I loved the one about why he is grateful he doesn’t drink and the one about A/C, well, that makes my gratitude list a lot, living as I do in AZ. Most important two words in the English language are ” thank-you!”

As for procrastinating, I will write about that tomorrow…don’t want to be late for work. *grin*

Nanowrimo is here…but I am cleaning bathrooms..

So Halloween was brief for me. I mostly helped my “baby” finish cleaning his house, then fell asleep on my couch by 8. This morning I am going slow as well. Slept in till 0630. Seems funny to not be training with Dawn this morning…in two weeks I restart, mostly because of work schedule, starting tomorrow I work 5 days of 10plus hours, three days off and five more days of 10 or more hours. Will still run and bike a little today and then alternate them daily. Also completely back to clean eating. Enjoyed the little binge of carbs and grease and sugar and really tasty porter the last two days but my sinuses and joint pain remind me that clean eating is a bit better for my body, LOL.

Anyway I have eight stories to write for my newspaper job and 5000 words for Nanowrimo to get in today, but first off to finish the cleaning on y sons old apartment.

Namaste friends!