brain cell conservation

Since writing is not currently the primary way I support myself, but pediatric homecare is, I apologize to me readers for the lack of new blogs this week. Maybe some pictures of how the homesteading is progressing, a recipe or two and how my first time back at “try”athlete bootcamp went will be posted tomorrow but for now this is all the post you get.

I am practicing brain cell conservation as I go into the fifth day in a row of working 9, 10 and 12 hour days. Need all those little buggers to keep my patients healthy and alive AND leave their space orderly, etc.

Thanks for your patience fellow conservationists, and for those young enough to still be killing them off not conserving them, I can only plead forgiveness.

Namaste, mates!

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  1. Jiří Antonín Benda, also Georg Anton Benda or J.A. Benda (30 June 1722 – 6 November 1795) was a Czech kapellmeister, violinist and composer of the classical new discovery of a composer I have overlooked, a film that is indescribably wonderful & a side to Rousset that I have never seen. I have only witnessed his very straight laced recordings…this is my favorite and it will remain for a long long time…conservation is always my pleasure; to keep the old alive instead of put to death has always been my motto:

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