Lame little post about priorities

I really want to blog tonight, about lots of things, but I am not going too. Instead I will weed the front lawn a bit, five good handfuls; brush my dogs who are doin’ the springtime shed; eat a salad, and go to bed early so I can hit the gym before work tomorrow.

Because what I really want is to be healthy, happy, care for the commitments I have made to human and four-legged familymembers, self-sufficient, out of debt, and better educated.

Most of the things weighing on my mind tonight is because I forgot the very important lesson of not trading what I want most for what I want right now, so even though I want to poor my heart out in a poem, or write a recipe generating another 100 hits, I realize that if I do stick to my real goals instead of my current gratuitous need for validation, I’ll actually have something worth saying when I come, and I will say it just for the pleasure, not for the ego strokes.

So good-night, I am off to complete my priorities.