Saturday at Phoenix Comicon and remembering why I left the biz….

So backup to last night’s entry, I never mentioned the story of “he who will not be named”. Once upon a time, in a world far, far away I totally fell into the “f***able category of women; I also had a syndicated column; and well good Geek Cred (like I could tell you the episode number of a Trek show and knew my away around D-20’s AND D-10’s.) So during this time I used to roll a few dice with a would be  writer who was a pretty nice guy, we were what I would even call friends, or at least I thought he was and we were. A decade plus of years,  two long moves, and a wee bit of illness and stresses later I had totally graduated into the UNf***able category of women and he had made it onto the NYT Bestseller list. He was appearing at a medium size convention in my city and I bumped into him at a local gaming store. I said, “Hello!,” excited to bump into this now very successful D&D buddy. He heard my voice, turned, started about 7 inches below my eyes and scanned down. The guy never really met my eyes, and turned on the “professional author” voice to politely tell me to leave him alone, he would be signing at the con. He NEVER even recognized me, because women in his world really belong in two categories and those in the second are invisible and not valuable.

All this back story to say all this training for the Tough Mudder is either paying off and I looked hot yesterday, or the more likely scenario, the guy is finally growing up and getting over himself, because yesterday, he remembered me. I am returning to the floor to get some autographs this afternoon in my cloak of invisibility (least complimentary T-Shirt and jeans). Let us see if he knows me now!

More later……


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