Second Morning of Phoenix Comicon

It is 0855 and I am waiting for my roommate to leave so I can use the bathroom, shower and get on with my day, but mostly so I can have some time “my by self”. This is how I know I am an introvert. The woman is a fellow staffer on the Science Track and as absolutely as perfect a room mate as I could ask for in a hotel room. She is clean, courteous, and even more introverted than I am, also a wee bit more negative, but no loud snoring or wild parties. However I am sharing a room with someone else and my batteries charge in solitude.  Anyway I though I would blog a bit while she showers and uses the bathroom to become beautiful.

This is actually my first year as a volunteer at Phoenix Comicon. It is not my first rodeo as a “behind the scene”-er at a Con as I have volunteered, been payed staff, and even been a featured guest at other Geek Conventions in the days of yore. However, it is my first working PHXCC as well as my first on-site stay from end to end; and I am oh so favourably impressed.  Biggest Kudos so far go to Joe Boudrie, whose “yes, and” style of leadership trickles down to even wee minions such as I in enough force to create a fun and respectful environment, but also to Lee Whiteside and his crew who integrates panels with the well known and well spoken lesser known writers to create funny and informative panels for both the fanboys and the would be authors.

Roommate out the door to get food and I have about 20 minute to get ready and get to my panel. So more later!