Celebrate good times, come on, this is your celebration

So my friend’s results came back negative for cancer!!!Wooooohoooo! One more person spared the indignities and inconveniences of the Big C! *insert party balloons, dancing, and lots of good pies*  We both love pie. Well, we both love a lot of the same things but pie has a special place in our loves. I won’t share other of the numerous items she has good taste in because that would lead to “outing” her from anonymity which is not my place.

But anyway, my gratitude cup overfloweth!

Okay, next up my wonderful and magical friends (or faithful, whichever moniker you prefer) let’s send that energy to my other wonderful woman who needs some speed healing so they can start her cycles of systemic poison (otherwise known as chemotherapy) so her growths can go back to sleep.

I sometimes wonder what has been the “secret” of my longevity in the face of poor odds and I totally give magic(aka faith), friends, pie and sleep their rightful due.

I am a pacifist even in my approach to physical dysfunction. I never “nuc” my misbehaving cellular structures. The problem with battles and war is that escalation incites escalation. I, instead, try to lull them to sleep with lullabies, tasty treats, and really awesomely old movies. All kidding aside, that really is what I picture, the unwanted cells drifting off into a deep peaceful lasting sleep, not my “own” cells winning a battle against cancer or disease.  The cancer cells are born of me and the bacteria once it has crossed the skin barrier is also me. I truly value all life. I picture chemo as sending in party balloons, and bowls of punch. I picture smiling faces of exhaustion on the most prolific drinkers and then when they have all passed out, the real me, the me of light and my rightfully born perfection rises up and starts cleaning up so we can keep on living.

So lets just say today, and probably all through the next couple weeks, the party cleanup is exhausting me,  and well, creating a lot a bit of  a disposal problem. Therein lie some of the worst indignities and inconveniences of this round of partying. LOL

I am about to go make me a second cup of coffee, excuse me…..I firmly believe in 2 cups of coffee every morning. One for my disposal team and one for caffeination.

Ahhhhh, there, that is delicious. I am also sipping my Airborne and just took my ibuprofen. I am lucky right now because today I get to do all of this at home. Benefit of staying tonight so the family can go to the fireworks while I take care of the baby, is that by the time I get there today my pain and nausea will be minimal.  I do Emergen-C or Airborne four days out of the week, and natural Gummy Vits on the other three.  I think of that as bringing in lunch for my cleanup crew.

My biggest crisis of the day, cuz why be completely positive, I am no Pollyanna (although I really wish I was and totally have to watch that again soon) is that I just brewed my last cup of coffee. Finances are tight (hence the Donate button) and I decided yesterday to buy arugula and carrots and celery for soup instead of coffee at Trader Joes. Very responsible of me I know, but just a little sad. I really love coffee. I do have a nice selection of tea still so no worries about crisis decaffeination.  And as much as I do hope a few of my sparse faithful readers will share five or ten dollars with me, it will only go to rent and medicine, not coffee. Damn my sense of responsibility.

Anyway, I am a truly grateful woman today while I drink this cup of coffee. Nothing makes me smile like a negative pathology report, here is to you friend, whether you are reading this or not.


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