Pirate Ships would lower their sails when Puff roared out his name

My second poem to the prompt “The pleasures of piracy,” is perhaps the more expected poem, as I have played pirate and been a modern Grace O’Malley more than once. The poem speaks more of younger days when I still openly played with dragons like Puff, and longed for the money to truly sail the seas.


The Pleasures of Piracy

Eucalyptus leaf billows with imaginations breath into multiple canvas sail

Stripped twig becomes twin tall tarred masts

As breeze blown paper bow smacks solid on sanded, painted Balsa wood schooner

moored in preparation for tomorrow’s cup race, girls like me,

can’t even watch.

I hurry off, laughing victorious, but still cautious of detection, to sail a safer sewer stream;

My dreams, away down to the sea

This journey the first beyond a puddle for my rakish pirate heart.


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