I create the things that haunt me…

I have a bad feeling about today, of course no clear cut idea if that means that things get cancelled or I just go belly up, but it is a weird premonitional place to be.

On the other hand I am always up for more adventure.


I kind of want some boring, so many scary, challenging, and otherwise not boring things this year.

On the other hand so many amazing and miraculous things have balanced the scale it still tips in a positive direction (and if you have even a modicum of ideas whats on the other tray you get how blessed I really am.)

A couple little things in just the last week, like a friend paying my balance at the apartments, then organizing my other friends to move my stuff into storage and me into a temporary place at her home WITH my big dogs and she is totally a cat person.

I found my prayer beads, lost since my trip to Disney with Stephanie et al.

I was awarded the Above and Beyond recognition at work.

My patient is walking, taking bites and drinks by mouth and does almost 30 signs to communicate and well that is more due to her Mom than me, but its a miracle I got to watch.

One of the poets I admire most of all the living poets featured one of my poems as something she wished she had written. If you are reading this Rosemary please comment with a couple links so my friends so inclined can see it and maybe discover the joy of your writing.

So time to get dressed, feed the dogs and head off.

Namaste friends.

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