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FTR: I am alive and nano’ing

I am nano-ing.

I am back at my training.

I am also working very hard at another goal that right now seems as impossible as the triathlon seemed this time last year, and that goal is to get out of debt. Therefore I am working very hard taking all hours I can get as a nurse and doing a wee job with a local newspaper that actually seems to care about writing the local stories rather than just placing words on paper to fill the space between sold add space, which unfortunately seems to be the case in many of the free local papers.

(side note: If any readers know of paid copyediting work or paid non-byline writing opportunities I am all ears….or does that metaphor work on line? My dream job as a writer would be to again be writing the precis on the back of books, or be a book length published poet, because no one ever knows who those writer’s are.  My brief brush with author fame and notoriety convinced me I really am much shyer and much thinner skinned than people realize)

Anyway, I really do mean to blog more frequently but that being said, we know which road me and my good intentions are on so here are my top 5 blogs to read when sadly mine is silent. (and I am doing 5 not 10 and doing this  “from” favorite not “to” favorite because I am ever the rebel.

1. http://whatever.scalzi.com/   Scalzi is the grandpa of the online blog and although his claim to fame is sci fi writing there is no shortage of politics, humor and cuteness here. I especially recommend finding his Thanksgiving Advent section if maybe a smile is in order. Has a bit of a Mental Floss/NPR vibe.

2.http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/ Another blog I have read for at least a decade I believe. On which we have watched Wil Wheaton grow from a man I would have considered capable about lying about his “Mema” to someone who I would want to bake my own Mema cookies for cause he is that cuddly. This blog has more of a “People”magazing/LOLCats.com feel somedays, other days feels like reading a modern day Emerson.

3.http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/ This one is I hope self-explanatory, if not, click on the link and read a few entries. Everybody should floss daily!

4. http://www.wired.com/geekdad/ OK, this is often kind of like window shopping in the really expensive stores, other times, like his post on Mandelbrott it is as close to formal education as I get these days. (and yes, I really, really want the Angry Birds Board Game!)

5.http://imarriedanomnivore.com/ I have followed her and her recipes since she was on Blogspot. Sadly I haven’t added her to Facebook because I am weaning myself off facebook if it wasn’t for certain old friends and poets I would be done with it.

Anyway, I must get back to updating my nurse credentials, actually cooking and eating breakfast and adding to mynovels  word count if not its plot.  Later this week (in preparation for MY big shopping day “Small Business Saturday”) my five favorite local businesses and five favorite not as local but still not evil empire size shops.

But hey, whats your favorite blog or website? I really want to know?

P.S. I expect once I am sure of the facts (I know crazy of me isn’t it to check those out first) that there will also be a blog about the not very “American Values” response happening around the country to the Occupy movement.