Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you, when you think everything’s OK…

So the lack of posts may continue for another day or two.  Change has been happening this week at breakneck speed, life has been handing me loss after loss. It started with the news of  Hoodlum’s closing Aug 14 and just continues with opportunity after opportunity to breathe and meditate. Of course the challenges and losses have been evenly interspersed with some amazing moments like dinner and a movie with old friends, making a new friend, and a perfect bit of serendipity in the form of an old french cookbook.  The light spots and love, along with knowing I at least have a job I love and a roof over my head have held me together.

Going to sleep tonight knowing I still have amazing friends and a job I love.

I really will get back to recipes, reading recommendations, music and my attempts at gardening, wisdom and triathlon training but first I need to absorb a few life changes.

Deeply apologize for the absence, but I am rendered momentarily speechless, and yes, the wordiness of my silence continues the irony.

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