Getting my gratitude on again..

Gratitude is to personal growth what proper stretching is to triathlon training. When I am having chronic pain, or financial issues or just a personal “why”ning self pity day, the one thing I can control is my choices.

With that, here are the top ten things I am grateful for this morning,

10. My safety; my government may not be what I would like it to be but there is currently no civil war going on and the odds are pretty good I will get to work today without a stray bullet or bomb taking a limb or my life.

9. Available groceries.   Lots of quantity, quality and choice.

8. Running water at the turn of a faucet and as close as the bathroom and kitchen.

7. A home to live in with roof and beds and also luxuries like TV and internet.

6. Working parts, whatever the wear and tear on them, I am thinking these lines as I type them with my ten fingers while holding myself upright and will walk away from this on my own legs.

5. A job to go to that is more than an income it is my vocation.

4. A serendipitous chance to write professionally again in a manner that doesn’t interfere with my vocation.

3. Books, books and well books, while listening to music, music  and music.

2. Amazing and wonderful friends who stick it out and cheer me up and hang out and basically are the salt on the food of life.

AND NUMBER ONE……is my close family. I am incredibly lucky to still have (listed in order of appearance) Diane, Will, Rick, Dallon, Kevin, Dawn and Jeremiah alive, relatively healthy, and in my life on an ongoing, regular basis.

Namaste friends, now off to work I go.