When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high

Although when it comes to dealing with life altering illnesses, maybe you should also build an ark. The thing about life altering illnesses in books and movies, is the heroine either dies or gets better. Cancer, AIDS, Mental Illnesses, rare immune disorders and even PTSD are all resolved as an inspiring victory or an inspiring tragedy.

Real life is more like a serial comedy that runs forever until cancelled, and just when you think you won’t ever sing that same old tune again, it goes into serialized reruns.

I think it would be easier for all the people that care about me if I was a movie instead of a sitcom, for the record, I think it might be easier for me, too.

I was hoping for some more miracle in the mail today in the form of my insurance settlement, but instead it was just more bills.

I tried wiggling my nose like Samantha, and all that happened was a really big kiss from my dog.

In the meantime a friend of mine is about to have a biopsy done, possibly facing a similar journey soon, hopefully her story arc will be a short story or Lifetime feel good victory; but even if it isn’t, she will not walk alone.




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