To Dream the Impossible Dream…

Yesterday I dreamed the impossible dream, that somehow I would be spared the indignity of eviction, so I just kept on keeping on, being the best me I could and trying to figure out a good place for my dog buddies, then the impossible happened.

The Biggest miracle of today is how many messages of love I have received from unexpected sources, believe me when I say how much it helps to feel the love pouring in through these messages.

I am also humbled by two donations and a loan. Especially since those couple who helped me today have significant responsibilities of their own they are dealing with, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am overwhelmed by the love.  And for those following, my puppies and I are spared eviction this month and I am also at the end of the largest copays and (hopefully) close to actually receiving the insurance check from the December accident, so things will continue to improve. And NicNac I now promise NOT to set my purse on the ground anymore.  Superstition or not, it can’t hurt!

Today I have another impossible Dream…..

My Impossible Dream is to meet all my financial obligations, give back in kind with interest once I am back in the black, and oh yeah get healthy enough to complete another Sprint Triathlon in 2014.

What do you dream of……

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