Where do I go from here



Yesterday’s frightening thing was posting on this blog that I need help, today’s frightening thing was leaving it up here. The irony is I don’t think anyone has even read it. And actually that can’t count as today’s facing a fear but with an hour travel each way and twelve hours with my patient and eight hours sleep, work doesn’t leave much time to broaden my personal horizons.

So, I integrated my daily challenge into my favorite thing, taking care of my patient.  During some tests she had this morning at Phoenix Children’s Hospital I risked feeling stupid and looking foolish and asked questions about what we were seeing. The Outcome is, I am much better informed.  At first the specialist was snooty. However, I think it was when she realized I wasn’t questioning her judgement, but clarifying the mother’s and I’s understanding, suddenly she warmed up to the situation and I have a handle not just on the new regimen but also on the paradigm on which it is based.

I do love my job!

So lots of changes at work but no headway on the homefront really.

All I need in the next 24 hours is a HUGE miracle.

The odds of that occurring are slim…….

so where do I go from here.

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