What’s New PussyCat?

Though I would do a bit of an update, hope to get a new recipe up here this week-end, I am going to back up to red and start over in rainbow order because, well, because if you actually know me you will understand, if you don’t actually know me yet, give it a couple more entries and you will understand.

Besides, that gives us another shot at green.

So training is postponed for one more week, trying to just let it be and walk through the delay; sort of like my personality the quirky blood cells are making the normal blood cells chase shiny things instead of you know, carrying oxygen, clotting my blood, etc. Hope to be in the pool again by the week-end and running after my follow-up tests. Meantime eating arugula and blueberries and all the yummy plant stuff I have in my house.

Special thanks to my new surprise donor, and you know who you are, I am humbled by others kindness. I only hope to make my extra time worthy of such unexpected generosity.  Friday I will be writing some thank-you cards. Don’t know where all the lovely healing energy is coming from but I can feel it working in my life.

Feeling a little exuberant and silly this morning because I have coffee, AND it is still in my stomach an hour later. Time to walk my furry buddies and got to work..

My thanks to all of you and a request to boost the signal, not just for me, but for anybody or anything that needs community right now.  None of us can do everything, but we all can do a little. I have no money to give but later this month I am donating time to stay with a woman with Alzheimers so her family can take their vacation. Anyway I would love to see some links in my comments today from your favorite “Make the World Better” place and again, thanks for reading, thanks for spells, prayers, believing in me and my “real” self (the healthy, perfect one), for time and rides, my awesome new haircut, and the financial assistance.

Love and hugs,


P.S. You are welcome for the earworm, it is due to a feral that likes to lay on my patio table and clean himself provocatively at my dogs.



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