It’s alright

I know change is a bad thing,
Breaks me down into a sorry sad thing,
Not some iridescent grateful butterfly
I’ll resist with defiance
Not the power of a mystic silence
I will fight the dizzy spiral of goodbye

And it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright
It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright

Dar Williams – It’s Alright Lyrics

So I guess I better write a blog since I have had so many people looking for answers I have not yet posted. I am guessing that is the source of my sudden surge of readership.

It is either that, or everybody just decided they need to learn my lemon curd recipe.

Awesome stuff first.

This Christmas thanks to many acts of generosity, and unexpected connections with a couple other agencies that serve children, “The Skin We’re In” delivered 14 eighteen inch dolls modified to reflect their new friends reality. We also did about 2 dozen adapted Build-A-Bear’s. It was FABULOUS!!!!! Thanks everybody who helped. I have also completed a couple of interviews for the grown-up’s book, hoping to raise the costs of two shoots so I can have a real sample with photos as I “shop it around”.

If you want to learn more about this particular passion of mine, I hope to have a few videos up soon. Got a Go Pro for Christmas and the old woman who I am, still mastering its use.

Also each doll from start to finish costs anywhere from 40-100$ in supplies (including doll, clothes, wheelchair if appropriate, AFO’s, Trach, etc.) If you want to donate to this effort please note this in your PayPal donation.

Awesome, right?

The next part is less awesome, but not really bad, just change.
I was leaving the Chandler Mall and had an episode of sudden and complete syncope. I “went down like a rock” said the gentleman who witnessed it. I am no small woman so split my head a little and created a lovely goose egg. I spent 3 days in the hospital while we ruled out the usual suspects like a pulmonary embolism. Doc says there has to be a reason.

The long and short of it is I am currently wearing a cardiac event monitor and cannot return to driving or working until the 18th of February at the earliest. I feel well enough to be going a bit stir crazy, so all in all, I am fine.

I need to make about $1200 dollars magically appear to keep all my bills like rent and insurance paid while out of work. I am applying for disability but that takes time, so if any of you faithful readers want a lovely knitted anything, or perhaps a jar of fresh lemon curd if you are local, or any other time based service I can provide in exchange for a donation, please PM me on FB.

Shoot I will even take just straight donations with the understanding that as soon as I am back to work I will pay it forward again.

The true irony of this was that I was so very close to catching up and paying back the three personal loans that haunt me a bit, and even reinstating a 30 day bill cushion. Hey, lucky for me, after co-pays, etc. I am actually at zero balance this hospital stay WITH rent paid, phone service and groceries, at least until Feb 1

My word last year was “solvent” and I almost made it, but hey, everything is alright.

No failures in my life just learning opportunities. Better things ahead, always.

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